Quick Answer: What Is The Antonyms Of Harder?

What are the 50 examples of synonyms?

50 Examples of Synonyms With Sentences;Magnify – expand: He magnified their happiness like their pain.Baffle – confuse, deceive: The bad news he received consecutively confused him.Beautiful – attractive, pretty, lovely, stunning: You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life.More items….

What does harder mean?

1. a. Resistant to pressure; not readily penetrated; firm or solid: a hard material. b.

What means hefty?

1 : quite heavy. 2a : marked by bigness, bulk, and usually strength a hefty football player. b : powerful, mighty. c : impressively large : substantial hefty portions.

What is another word for hoarding?

n. magpie, niggard, penny pincher, skinflint, scavenger, pack rat, miser, churl, scrooge.

What’s the opposite of harder?

“Getting my children to sit still is effortless if you bribe them with cookies.”…What is the opposite of hard?effortlesseasynot hardnot burdensomelow impact41 more rows

What is the synonym and antonym of hard?

Synonyms. unmerciful tough scheming shrewd insensitive conniving merciless hardened calculating hard-boiled case-hardened difficult calculative steely. Antonyms. sensitive easy tender merciful soft. Etymology.

What is the word for trying?

Words related to trying tricky, troublesome, taxing, upsetting, arduous, demanding, strenuous, irritating, stressful, vexing, fatiguing, exacting, rough, annoying, exasperating, aggravating, exigent, hard, irksome, onerous.

What is the antonym of cruel?

courtly, amorous, balmy, easy, pleasant, relaxing, temperate, cordial, moral, affable, pacific, acceptable, considerate, reasonable, lenient, soft, comfortable, unmalicious, philanthropic, cozy, high-minded, charitable, peaceable, pitying, delicate, magnanimous, affectionate, gracious, warm, survivable, compassionate, …

What are the 10 examples of antonyms?

Types of Antonyms Examples include: boy — girl, off — on, night — day, entrance — exit, exterior — interior, true — false, dead — alive, push — pull, pass — fail.

What is another name for hoarding?

In this page you can discover 26 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for hoarding, like: collecting, saving, reserving, stashing, compiling, amassing, accumulating, treasuring, supplying, storing and stockpiling.

What is the opposite of weak?

What is the opposite of weak?strongtoughwellactiveeffectiveinvigoratedgreatefficientforcefultrim74 more rows

What are the 10 examples of synonyms?

Synonym ExamplesBaffle: confuse, deceive.Beautiful: attractive, pretty, lovely, stunning.Bossy: controlling, tyrannical.Fair: just, objective, impartial, unbiased.Funny: humorous, comical, hilarious, hysterical.Happy: content, joyful, mirthful, upbeat.Hardworking: diligent, determined, industrious, enterprising.More items…

Is Harder a real word?

Comparative form of hard: more hard.

What’s another word for SAD?

SYNONYMS FOR sad 1 unhappy, despondent, disconsolate, discouraged, gloomy, downcast, downhearted, depressed, dejected, melancholy.

What is a hoarder of money called?

The definition of a miser is a greedy person who hoards all his money. Someone who lives very meagerly and never spends money is an example of a miser.

Whats is an antonym?

: a word of opposite meaning The usual antonym of good is bad. Other Words from antonym Some Differences Between Synonyms and Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about antonym.

What is another word for harder?

Harder Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for harder?tougherdifficulterseverersweatiermore exhaustingmore gruelingUSmore laboriousmore strenuousmore tiringmore backbreaking22 more rows

What is the antonyms of hoarder?

What is the opposite word for Hoarder? spender. hoarder and spender. wastrel.